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by Baarman
15 Apr 2013, 02:47
Forum: Zones
Topic: My wish: Zones at Fornebu, Norway!
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Re: My wish: Zones at Fornebu, Norway!

Hello Suneworld, Welcome to Turf :) Nice to see that the number of turfers in Oslo is growing.. And with growing activity commes new zones, However Oslo just got some new zones not to long ago. But more zones will pop-up eventually. Meanwhile you can help the zone makers finding nice spots out in Fo...
by Baarman
26 Jan 2013, 13:38
Forum: Zones
Topic: Grimstad zones
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Re: Grimstad zones

Hey There emlodnaor, I have had my eye on Grimstad and Arendal lately and have been looking at the sugestions and activity, And I was actually going to add a few, But I was just holding out for this round to end ^^ The 5 zones in grimstad was added for the introduction of turf in Norway And maybe th...
by Baarman
20 Dec 2012, 09:33
Forum: Zones
Topic: Tourist-zones
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Re: Tourist-zones

Personally I use atleast one of my 3 Zone-suggestions on turist places, mostly in europe. And I agree with like 1z in major european citys would be just fun, And wouldn't change the out-come of the highscores much (Maybe lock it on 1pph, coz ppl don't take thise zones to win a round, more just for f...
by Baarman
29 Nov 2012, 06:38
Forum: Zones
Topic: Bergen zones value
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Re: Bergen zones value

We have a system called "Fairy" whitch is suppouse to change the PPH (Points per Houer) of the Zones automaticly, based on activity the previus round of turf. (I diden't find any link to exactly how this workes tho) The Zone-value of the zones in Bergen will drop if there is low activity... And the ...
by Baarman
14 Nov 2012, 08:10
Forum: Gameplay
Topic: Medals and region winner history
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Re: Medals and region winner history

So far Norway only has like 40'ish active Turfers by the end of a round, witch still is more than Netherlands, Finland and South Korea, In South Korea you might win with 10k points at the end of a round. While in Sweden you whould most likely win the "Turf-medal" if you are nr 1 in the contry. So ma...
by Baarman
25 Oct 2012, 07:21
Forum: Zones
Topic: Just a few Zone-Suggestions.
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Just a few Zone-Suggestions.

Yoyoo. Here is just a few places i'v visited in norway lately, that deserves a zone :) All in the "Østlandet" -Region. Tusenfryd - Norways biggest amusement park, South of Oslo. I placed a Suggestion outside the main entrence. Oscarsborg on an Island, in the Oslo fjord, costs...
by Baarman
24 Aug 2012, 19:57
Forum: Uppsala
Topic: Tierp/östra uppland
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Re: Tierp/östra uppland

Tack, Lite fler zoner, på min gammla hemmaplan Och fick min suggestion vid fyrskepped accepterad, nice :) Vad beträffar zonen vid Forsmark så skulle den ligga mycket trevligare till om den inte låg mit på parkeringen
by Baarman
09 Aug 2012, 13:15
Forum: General
Topic: Meme-competition it is!
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Re: Meme-competition it is!

Is it alright to upload pictures to make Meme off, or just the original once whith your own text?
Just to clerify the rules, Iv mever done MEME's before ^^
by Baarman
23 Jul 2012, 20:14
Forum: Gameplay
Topic: UK/London
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Re: UK/London

Alright, 3 "Olympic zones" where added to London. OlympicWalk At the Stratford train station Before the entrance to the Olympic park. LondonExcel At the ExCeL arena. where the Boxing,Fencing,Judo,Table tennis, Taekwondo Weightlifting And Wrestling will be held. TheO2arena At the O2 Arena, where the ...
by Baarman
21 Jul 2012, 11:09
Forum: Zone Report
Topic: Report bad zones here (Østlandet)
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Re: Report bad zones here (Østlandet)

Cheers Tjuven this looks great.
Don't worry about the distance ;) it's vesy steep hills here, so i think this is pretty much the only "safe" way to get down there.


Thx man :)

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