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by Blabert
16 Jun 2015, 18:14
Forum: Allmänt
Topic: Skapa "event" för skola, orientering.
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Re: Skapa "event" för skola, orientering.

Skicka ett mail till
by Blabert
25 May 2015, 11:15
Forum: Zones
Topic: Greater London
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Re: Greater London

We'll look in to it :-)
by Blabert
12 May 2015, 13:53
Forum: Spelrelaterat
Topic: Mock location ?
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Re: Mock location ?

Mock location används för att manipulera sin position, i Turf kallar vi det fusk.
by Blabert
08 May 2015, 12:03
Forum: Gameplay
Topic: New zones and limit on number of zones
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Re: New zones and limit on number of zones

It has been discussed before and is not an entirely bad idea, there's pros and cons. The main con is that the developers would have to make a system to do it automatically, and a randomized technical solution would probably result in a playing field that is not as good as the current manual one. And...
by Blabert
03 May 2015, 19:41
Forum: Gameplay
Topic: Revisit time limit indication
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Re: Revisit time limit indication

So because I use an iPhone I am handicapped compared to Android users and the developers don't care?
The iPhone app has features that the Android app don't have yet, the plan is that it will even out eventually.
by Blabert
02 May 2015, 22:39
Forum: Suggestion Box
Topic: Why don't you make 20meterX20meter zones all over the map?
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Re: Why don't you make 20meterX20meter zones all over the ma

Hello there, I've just found out that game and I can say that It's a really nice idea. However there aren't any available zones where I live and there are people all over the world who are also willing to play this game but are unable to. So, here I come with my suggestion... Why don't we make turf...
by Blabert
22 Apr 2015, 19:40
Forum: Generelt
Topic: Kontoproblemer
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Re: Kontoproblemer

Since it's an android phone you should just erase your friends Google account on the phone and add yours instead, after that zilveruno will be back.
by Blabert
17 Apr 2015, 20:49
Forum: Bonanza
Topic: Turf Bonanza 2015
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Turf Bonanza 2015

Nu är det dags för BONANZA igen! För all information och anmälan gå till
by Blabert
12 Apr 2015, 14:18
Forum: Zones
Topic: Fel namn på zon
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Re: Fel namn på zon

Witasp, it's great that you want to leave your feedback to improve the game and we are always grateful when this happens. However, since quite some time we use for any kind of feedback. The reason for this is that both crew and turfers easily can find any reports and make comment...
by Blabert
18 Mar 2015, 17:45
Forum: Västra Götaland
Topic: Justeringar Göteborgszoner
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Re: Justeringar Göteborgszoner

Väldigt fina felanmälningar, men dessa görs på Tack :-)

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