Just a few Zone-Suggestions.

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Just a few Zone-Suggestions.

Postby Baarman » 25 Oct 2012, 07:21

Here is just a few places i'v visited in norway lately, that deserves a zone :)
All in the "Østlandet"-Region.

Tusenfryd - Norways biggest amusement park, South of Oslo. I placed a Suggestion outside the main entrence. http://www.tusenfryd.no

Oscarsborg on an Island, in the Oslo fjord, costs 90 Nok to take the ferry out there, But if you swim its fo free i guess :P It's a Museum nowdays, And there are some real big cannons facing south, to Defend Oslo from the water. This place played a big role when the Nazis invaded Norway in 1940 and the sanked a big German Battleship.

Gaustatoppen Highest point in the region of Telemark, Alot of ppl walk up here. you can buy waffelt at the top station :) Takes 2 houers to walk up but they say you can see one sixth of Norways mainland from the top. So I made a suggestion up there^^

There you go :) Some real turistic zones^^
All-in for Turf in Norway

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