Bergen zones value

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Bergen zones value

Postby Klemfare » 29 Nov 2012, 00:28

Hey! I would say the bergen-zones have way too high value. I was there early this round and took a lot of zones there. Nick1 was there the while i was there, and i took all the zones he took back before i left, but now it's been 3 weeks and i'm still holding every single one of them. Their value is mostly 2 or 3, none of them are 1'er-zones. Bergen is definitely a big part of what is giving me this round, and it feels quite unbalanced. I think bergen zones should be changed to mostly have values similar to the oslo zones, mostly 1s in the outskirts, 2s in the center and a few 3s in the really central area.

More specifically i would suggest:
3er-zones: BergenStation, BergPond, Pepperkake and BergenTorget
2er-zones: Bryggen, Håkonshallen, Fløybanen, DenNationale, Buekorpsmusee, Grieghallen, SanktJacobs.
The rest 1 apart from maybe the airport still 2 or 3, and Fløyen could well be 2 because it's a special place to go to.

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Re: Bergen zones value

Postby Baarman » 29 Nov 2012, 06:38

We have a system called "Fairy" whitch is suppouse to change the PPH (Points per Houer) of the Zones automaticly, based on activity the previus round of turf. (I diden't find any link to exactly how this workes tho)

The Zone-value of the zones in Bergen will drop if there is low activity... And the PPH in Oslo is low because we had no activity there for the first few mounths of Turf-in-Norway. But for the "December-Round" we will prob se higher PPH on alot of Zones in the Oslo-area now when there is alot more activity going on there :)


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