New zone "MonetBridge" in Bærum, Østlandet

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New zone "MonetBridge" in Bærum, Østlandet

Postby SnurreSprett » 12 Apr 2015, 10:05

I would like to put in some additional info regarding this zone-suggestion put in by my colleague "nicke1":

The pitoresque bridge in mind is located in the middle of Sandvika and you may read about it on Wickipedia (Løkke bru). It is famous for its cast iron construction and the fact that the famous french painter Claud Monet pictured it in his work.

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Re: New zone "MonetBridge" in Bærum, Østlandet

Postby Velocipedryttaren » 16 Apr 2015, 08:08

Thank you. Such information do we like and the chance for a zone increased.

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