Suggestion for the Rovaniemi river

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Suggestion for the Rovaniemi river

Postby Kygni » 24 Dec 2018, 22:39

Merry christmas from Rovaniemi. It is nice winter here (like always at christmas) and since it is christmas, I feel like I have to make a suggestion for a zone in Rovaniemi since it is christmas. At the zone "RovaBeach" there is a bath where people go to cool down during the summer (espcially the last unbarable summer of +30 (big difference from yesterdays -30)). The beach has a zone, as I said which is very good but Rovaniemi has 0 water zones and it is very annoying to not being able to take a waterzone while being here in the summer. Last year it was sooo hot and I had to take a bath without taking a zone during my revisitor medal sessions

In short, RovaBeach needs a waterzone


I would prefer it to be formed like a salmon, dolphin, shark, reindeer or a lion trying to swim instead of just a rectangular or sqaure shape but that isn´t up to me, it is up to the zonemakes if they choose to put a zone there

Merry christmas from Kygni (and OlvaNolvaTolva, Ape_9, elulf and sisu and everybody else who hasn´t created their turf accounts yet)

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