Zone suggestion in Bovington, Dorset

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Zone suggestion in Bovington, Dorset

Postby Kartago » 24 Feb 2020, 11:22

I recently made a zone suggestion (my post was deleted) at the entrance do the "Tank Museum" in Bovington. The museum is highly rated by its visitors and it has tanks from all eras of tank warfare. It's also the home of the last functioning German Tiger tank.

I named it "TankHeaven" as a pun, since it's where tanks go when they die. It's also heaven for a WW2-nerd, among other nerds. ;)

I don't know what's appropriate or not when creating zones for personal reasons, but I'm suggesting it because I plan on visiting it early April, so if it's not created by then I'll probably never be able to get the zone. It would be nice to "paint" it on the map, though, and I would be grateful should it be created soon. :)

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