Penzance zones

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Penzance zones

Postby SaffieSiri » 25 May 2015, 12:00

A keen Cornwall visitor, I have suggested a few new zones in Penzance, an area that I know very well.
PenzanceGrass is well placed near the Lescudjack Centre, but the Iron Age burials (Lescudjack Hill Fort) are located east, at 50.125022, -5.532965. There's a nice footpath from the narrow road behind the houses. Suggested name: HillFortZone

There's a good bike path along the coast, and at 50.126071, -5.524989 is the outlet of Ponsandane Brook into Mount's Bay. To the west of this area is an ancient forest, buried in the Bay beneath sand and water, and if you are very lucky at low tide, parts may be seen. Suggested name: BrookBridge

Outside of Marazion, east of Penzance in the middle of Mount's Bay is a small isle with a fantastic castle, St. Michael’s Mount. It is not possible to bike to the island, but during low tide you can walk along a stone-paved path. During high tide, boats are used. 50.118728, -5.476867 Suggested name: StMichaelsMount

Chapel Street Methodist Church is in the middle of Chapel Street, a smal winding road uphill from the Promenade. 50.117215, -5.535054 Suggested name: MethodistZone

Penzance Roman Catholic Church is in a smaller road, Rosevean Road, but is really lovely. 50.122402, -5.538058 Suggested name: CatholicZone

It is possible to see Larriggan River from a very narrow path, 50.115046, -5.544944. Its outlet into Mount’s Bay can also be seen when walking along the Promenade towards Newlyn and the zone BolithoPark. Suggested name: LarrigganZone

If I would bike/walk turfing on these new and existing zones, I would begin with
1. BolithoPark (existing)
2. LarriganZone
3. MorrabZone (existing)
4. BatteryRocks (existing)
5. MethodistZone
6. CatholicZone
7. PenzanceGrass (existing)
8. HillFortZone
9. BrookBridge

It is possible to bike all the way to Gulval on the South West Coast Path and then walk the path at low tide over to St Michael’s Mount, but I doubt that local turfers would do this. For tourists, however, it would be a pleasant daytrip.

Additional zones could be placed at Land's End, in Mousehole and St Ives, and of course on the Scillies. There's also a rather marvellous Iron Age hill fort half way between Penzance and St Ives that would certainly merit a zone.

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Re: Penzance zones

Postby Baarman » 05 Oct 2015, 22:20

Hello, I must have missed that this was about a region I was responsible for, sorry about the delay.
I'v looked into this now however.

LarriganZone I but where there was a suggestion made from the app.
MethodistZone Done
HillFortZone im not 100% it's in the position where you ment it to be, Is it?
BrookBridge, Done... But the name was already in use, so i'v named it PonsandaneBr
CatholicZone, I found no good spot to make a zone up there, according to all the zone- guidelines.
However I did put a zone next to the Train station.
On StMichaelsMt there has been a zone for some time now.
Hope they all work great, enjoy :)
B.R. ~Baarman

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Re: Penzance zones

Postby SaffieSiri » 06 Oct 2015, 10:54

Thanks for this! I reviewed my suggestions in July, and HillFortZone really has a spectacular view!
IMG_4281.JPG (113.86 KiB) Viewed 1467 times
With this number of zones it should be easier to attract more Cornish (local) turfers :)

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Re: Penzance zones

Postby DIProgan » 06 Oct 2015, 12:13

Good luck with the recruiting and have a good one! :)

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