NI Turfers

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NI Turfers

Postby bfejura » 29 Dec 2020, 19:33

I've only been turfing for a few days and I see there are only about 10 of us in NI. Just thought I'd say Hi and hopefully as more discover Turf in these parts, the number of zones will increase too 8-)

If any of the zone setters are reading this, thanks for adding so many new zones in/near Bangor in the last few days.

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Re: NI Turfers

Postby Munin » 30 Dec 2020, 10:06

Welcome to Turf!

Please use the in-app zone suggestion tool (the light bulb button) to guide me and other zone makers to new good zone locations 😊 some city areas are really hard to find good zone locations for. A good zone should be about 20x20 m and not on a car road, or someone's private land.



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