Zones in Austria

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Zones in Austria

Postby CCcowboy69 » 31 Dec 2017, 12:11

We are six turfers from Sweden going skiing in Austria in february. I have been suggesting zones in the Zillertal and Hintertux area for over a year now, as has several others. Any chance of some zones being accepted?

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Re: Zones in Austria

Postby Malteus » 03 Feb 2018, 12:11

Zones in the Zillertal in Austria

Accepting the suggested zones in and around the Zillertal valley in Austria would be an easy yet crucial step in spreading Turf to the Tyrol and Austria. The skiing resorts in the Zilllertal, (especialy the all-year open Hintertuxer glacier), are disproportionally popular destinations for swedish skiers, the suggested zones would thus be taken frequently when approved and be a logical next step in the expansion of turf, (as well as making it easier for turfers to gain new regions).

We who have placed the suggestions have visited the Zillertal before in both summer and winter and have therefore superb knowledge of the area, the zonemakers may thus accept the suggestions fully assured that they have been placed with the utmost respect to the local environment and the guidelines of zoneplacing.

We have placed suggestions for many months, and we now beg the zonemaker concerned to accept at least some of these before the 19th of February, when we will be there skiing, so that we may enjoy the fruits of our labour.

Sincerely, Malteus

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