2 zoner i Sunne, Värmland

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2 zoner i Sunne, Värmland

Postby TimB » 08 Oct 2021, 15:24

Hi. Suggesting 2 new zones. The first, Harbourview, is to encourage the lovely walk/ride around the harbour area in Sunne between the two parts of the lake Fryken. It fills a gap on the eastern side, so there would be five zones for a 1,5 km walk.
The second one, Ståpåbro is where the kommun is building a bridge linking the east and west banks of the waterway that divides Sunne. There will eventually be a cyclepath to Gylleby. The bridge is nearly finished, but not open yet.

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Re: 2 zoner i Sunne, Värmland

Postby HappyF » 09 Oct 2021, 14:40

Please use the Värmland forum. viewforum.php?f=86
It is more likely that the ZM looks there.

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