Zone Koltzenburg Germany

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Zone Koltzenburg Germany

Postby BontUmeå » 07 May 2019, 12:48


FlämingSkate is well know term among inlines skater. It is the most expanded area in Europé with a major focus on inlines. Tracks aorund the area are several of which one is 90km. The tracks are so smooth and in so good shape that inlines skate feels like a Dream. Black ice is the term justed.
The area is also know for asparagus. The season is around may. Just delicious!!
I have been skating the last 5 years and love to go back.

This area needs at least one zone, but in the future more zones would be good. I have, in the app, suggested one zone namned FlämmingSkate and placed it at the most popular starting Point. Koltzenburg, under den Eichen. See attached Pictures

Hope for a zone in Place this weekend :D

Best regards
Johannes /Bont
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