New Zone suggestion in France: CaféOyak (Taizé)

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New Zone suggestion in France: CaféOyak (Taizé)

Postby enhjuling » 16 Jun 2019, 20:21

I recently suggested the zone CaféOyak in the monastery village of Taizé in France. It welcomes thousands of visitors from all around the world every week and thus would make a good place for a zone. Particularly for Swedes who are way out of their league, at least Turf-wise. :P

Oyak is a café that is the heart of Taizé nightlife and the zone suggestion is in Oyak's yard. I have no photos since I haven't been there since 1996 but I found this on the www: Image

The zone was originally suggested by Gelehallonet when she was there a few years ago so she should get the credit if it's created. I'm just helping out with the forum post.
The coordinates for the centre of the zone are 46°30'52.8"N 4°40'34.0"E.
taize cafeoyak turfzone.jpg
taize cafeoyak turfzone.jpg (314.44 KiB) Viewed 292 times

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Re: New Zone suggestion in France: CaféOyak (Taizé)

Postby Gelehallonet » 27 Jun 2019, 11:55

We are here now, leaving on Sunday. It would mean a lot to have the zone accepted. I suggested it the first time over 2 years ago. Thank you :) // Gelehallonet

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