Zone suggestion Tavira/Santa Luzia, Portugal

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Zone suggestion Tavira/Santa Luzia, Portugal

Postby gilla » 03 Nov 2019, 10:34

I have suggested some zones for myself (gilla) and on behalf of my wife (lazycat). The zones are

1. By the football pitch on the bike/walking lane heading to/from Barril.
2. By the ticket office for the ferry to Terra de Streita. This is on the beachwalk through the village.
3. By the fishermens wharf/cabins in the village.

All these ones have amazing views over Ria Formosa which is protected nature (sand dunes) that are flooded a couple of times/day due to the flood. A lot of birds get their food here and there's plenty of fish here for the food as well.

4. By the beach in Barill. Amazing views over the Atlantic and over the dunes. Breathtaking.

All suggested zones above, will add to one of the existing zones (bridge to Barill) in the village, to create a nice 7+ km walk. You can't use the bike from the bridge and out to Barill - it is not allowed. Thus our suggestion for two more zones.

5. By the crossroad for the farmers road, which is also a recommended bike road, from the village to the Olhao/Fuseta west, or towards Tavira to the East.
6. Similar zone as above, but closer to Praya De'l Rey.

This will create a possibility to bike (or walk) a similar distance, and also add the existing zone Menau to the "circle". This will be the first step (I hope) to connect the zones in Santa Luzia to the zones in Tavira in an efficient way. It is not that much trafic on the farmers road, plus that it is surrounded by orange trees, grenade apples, avocados, lemons etc. For a Scandinavian very exotic of course.

Both me, having a silver medal, and Hvalle, gold medalist, are slowly getting bored during our time in Santa Luzia. We have both apartments here and our stay would be a lot more healthier with more zones :-) . During my last visit a couple of other turfers came and cleared all zones as well. It shows that volume attracts.

I tried to add some photos, but they are too big. Please connect with me, and I can send thrm by mail.

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