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New Zones South London

Posted: 02 Dec 2020, 20:54
by Northstar
South London is currently a bit patchy for zones, and with not many to reflect major centres such as Brixton, some bigger parks where the zones are missing, in less interesting places or are big enough to justify more, or to get reasonable coverage in the hillier parts (where it can prove unattractive making so much effort to take a single isolated zone).

I don't know how much is feasible or how to present 'winning' zone suggestions so here's a first attempt focusing on Brixton. The rationale for having a few here (especially quite close) is it's quite an important part of London, with historically/culturally significant stuff, and if we can generate more interest here it could spread. Ideally some more of the local streetart/murals, etc, could be zones in future.

BrixtonVillage (covered market/eating hub eg ... gland.html) google coords: 51.462537152593384, -0.11190989743432848

ZiggyStardust (David Bowie memorial mural eg ... ive-cover/) google coords: 51.462720971737035, -0.11586347343265148

ElectricAvenue (Brixton outdoor market eg ... gland.html) google coords: 51.46219346290567, -0.11400880728085354

Ty Mural (memorial to local rapper/hip hop artist ... -rapper-ty) google coords: 51.463130, -0.110183

Re: New Zones South London

Posted: 02 Dec 2020, 22:11
by Maqqan
Great suggestions!

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Re: New Zones South London

Posted: 02 Dec 2020, 22:41
by Dacop
Hi Northstar!

Thanks for some well made suggestions - drawing them out on a map and naming an existing zone nearby is the way to go, adding additional information like with the links provided is great!

I've added three of them to the game. Unfortunately I'm not sure TyMural will be viable (meaning possible to take from where you can actually see the mural) but let's give it a try. If it doesn't work, please report it and we'll move it.

I've chosen not to add ElectricAvenue at this time because it is very close to WindrushSQ and also the new additions, but might reconsider once we get things going in south London.

Re: New Zones South London

Posted: 05 Dec 2020, 18:50
by Northstar
Thanks Dacop, have now tested all of these and they work well. (The Ty mural is under the railway line so you can enjoy the view while the zone takes!).

If suggesting more for South London- is it better to do it in this thread, or to have separate posts? (As I say, there are some parks and town centres that warrant more than the current density shows)

thanks again!

Re: New Zones South London

Posted: 08 Dec 2020, 20:09
by Dacop
I would like to suggest using this brand spanking new subfourm we've created - viewforum.php?f=149

Separate posts is good for tracking progress, but no need to create one per suggestion, maybe keep it like a little focus area just like your first post here?

Re: New Zones South London

Posted: 17 Dec 2020, 11:34
by Northstar
Thanks so much Dacop. That new forum is going to make things much easier.
It looks like this has been a quieter round so I've not raced ahead with new zone suggestions yet, but (as I've made some posts about turf in the local area) intend doing so soon.