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Postby MickyFinn » 06 Jan 2021, 20:47

FolkFestival zone in West midlands, Warwick is in a private field and has a 5ft electric fence around it. Also , are some of the zones meant to be at tourist attractions where they aren't always open and require payment for access? As there are 4 zones at Warwick castle that are inaccessible.

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Re: FolkFestival

Postby embeoo » 07 Jan 2021, 11:20

Pay or restricted zones are okay, to some extent. Zones can be anywhere the public can go, which includes historical landmarks, fairs, tours on otherwise private land etc. They will of course not be part of the day to day points hunt, but zones you take once or very rarely or just in some seasons. We have glaring yellow zones here in central Stockholm at an outdoors swimmingpool, the royal castle and and an amusement park.

Four on the same site sounds a bit over the top though....

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