New Zones in Rossendale, UK

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New Zones in Rossendale, UK

Postby Kayh12 » 27 Jan 2021, 05:38

Rossendale, UK. Postcode areas, BB4-BL0

No new zones in Rossendale or surrounding areas this month which is a shame as many active members who all suggested areas using the suggestion button. I did post on here about 3 weeks ago about suggested new areas but post seems to have been deleted, I know I did as as when I went to type the title to this thread it already pre filled with the above subject as I had already had posted it.

Previous post suggested were:

Rooley Moor Road connecting Cowpe to Rochdale-a historical old cart historical road high on the hills. This would link the Turfs in Rochdale to ones in Bacup/Waterfoot.

Cribden Hill Rossendale leading to Hameldon Hill near Hapton Lancashire. Old hill road.

Edenfield Rossendale, Bury Road, Burnley Road, Market Street. A 2 mile stretch of road linking Turfs between Rawtenstall and Ramsbottom.

Bacup Old Road, Weir Rossendale. Old cart road linking Monumental Turf to Turfs in Bacup.

Thanks for anything new that may come our way!

Manchester Road BL0 postcode linking Haslingden Turfs to Edenfield.

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Re: New Zones in Rossendale, UK

Postby Maqqan » 28 Jan 2021, 15:18


We appreciate all suggestions and feedback. I will take a look.

Please add your zone suggestions in the UK section in the future:

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