Turkiet zone suggestion

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Turkiet zone suggestion

Postby miha » 14 May 2014, 13:07

I have done a zonesuggestion in Side in Turkie, i have a new/changed suggestion for zone ApollonZone because the first suggestion is now a construction site and are all fenced.
My new suggestion made 20140513 is outside the constructionarea and this area should be ok for the future also. The other suggestions in Side I have made should be ok.
If you hurry up to fix the zones I be glad to verify them.
Hope for more touristzones.

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Re: Turkiet zone suggestion

Postby Obstinata » 15 May 2014, 23:05

I would like zones in Side too! I'm going there soon and it would be fun to be able to turf on my vacation! :-)

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