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Euro 2016

Posted: 16 Oct 2015, 13:47
by Baarman
Hello, I was just thinking....
The Euro 2016 in France will be the biggest event in Europe next summer.
Even if Sweden doesn't qualify England, Wales and Northern Ireland + Iceland has already qualified.
And Norway, Denmark and Sweden can still make it there.

And I think it would be cool if Turf could cover such an event, I mean only with a few zones
in each town where there is going to be matches played.
I suggest 1z at all of the 10 stadiums, Some has zones already.
Mayor Airports to this city's and maybe the maim train station.
And maybe 1 or 2 real tourist zones, if there aren't any in the city already.

Paris is almost fine, There are 2 arenas in Paris for the Euro 2016
There is only a zone missing outside the "Parc des Princes" arena.
Other city's to host games for the tournament are:
City: Zones today:
Bordeaux - Has 3z, none at the airport or stadium
Lens - 0 zones
Lille - Has 1 world heritage zone
Lyon - Has 1 world heritage zone + airport zone.
Marseille - Has only 1 airport zone.
Nice - Has 3 zones in city + 1 airport zone.
Saint-Étienne - 0 zones, small place, has no Airport.
Toulouse - 1 zone + 1 airport zone

Thoughts on this? :)
B.R. ~P. Baarman

Re: Euro 2016

Posted: 17 Oct 2015, 00:19
by SunYour
Seems reasonable to me to add some extra zones. We'll take a look at it when it gets closer...

Re: Euro 2016

Posted: 09 Feb 2016, 00:51
by Rickshaw
Now we have got closer and it is a fact that Sweden will play one game in Toulouse. Probably more than 10 000 swedes will show up in Toulouse by middle of june and hopefully I'm not the only one hunting for new unique zones. At the moment Toulouse has 2 zones and a handful of additional zones would be very well appreciated. 1 zone at the stadium area and some zones in the city centre are hereby suggested. The other two french towns where Sweden plays, Paris and Nice, have already a decent number of zones, but I miss a zone at the other stadium in Paris, Parc The Princes, which is placed about 4 km southwest of Eiffel Tower, just next to the rightdown corner of Bois de Bologne.

Re: Euro 2016

Posted: 05 Apr 2016, 12:47
by Baarman
Oh, I also got tickets for the game in Toulouse, Yeay :D
Applied for tickets to the other Group stage matches aswell but diden't get them.
Italy - Sweden on Stadium Municipal in Toulouse :

Also the last Group stage geme for Sweden in Nice and the city has a few zones, but 1 out at the arena whould probebly be appreciated by some ;)
Sewden - Belgium on Allianz Riviera in Nice:

B.R. ~Baarman

Re: Euro 2016

Posted: 24 May 2016, 21:07
by Rickshaw
No new Toulouse zones so far, but I have sent a reminder to zonemaker...

I will attend these matches:
Turkey-Croatia (Paris)
Ireland-Sweden (Paris)
Romania-Switzerland (Paris)
Italy-Sweden (Toulouse)
Portugal-Austria (Paris)

Re: Euro 2016

Posted: 25 May 2016, 10:52
by Calmare1
Should be a zone at Notre Dame.

Re: Euro 2016

Posted: 25 May 2016, 11:56
by Maqqan
Should be a zone at Notre Dame.
Notre-Dame have a zone:

But I guess you mean the one in Paris?

Re: Euro 2016

Posted: 08 Jun 2016, 07:04
by Calmare1
Of course I referred to Paris! ;)
There are so many famous places, monuments, museums and things to see in Paris but there are hardly any zones. Notre Dame, Palais De Luxenbourg, Catacombs, Sorbonne, Invalides, pantheon and so on. There should be many more zones. Let it rain zones in Paris (not just water) for Euro 2016. Only a few days left.

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