Version 0.7.1!

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Version 0.7.1!

Postby Simon » 20 Sep 2011, 20:18

- New medal: Sweden explorer, "Every region in Sweden is visited by this medal holder."
- New medal: Netherland explorer, "Every region in the Netherlands is visited by this medal holder."
- New medal: Revisitor, "This medal is owned by the great revisitor who revisits at least fifty zones under five days."
- Its now possible to se blocked zones from further distance at the map.
- Optimization, the game should feel more smooth now.
- Bug fixes, we've analyzed the reports thats where sent in through the reports and hopefully fixed most of them. Thanks to everyone for sending submitting the reports!
- Your current takeovertime is now presented in the "Statistics" view.
- The green-dot-online-indication is now gone from the toplist and replaced by a brighter colour for the users online.


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