Version 0.9.5

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Version 0.9.5

Postby Simon » 17 Nov 2012, 15:11

This time we've focused on responsiveness and general stability, but no version goes without new functionality of course!

- The GPS bonus is now activated on first takeover instead of after 10 minutes as before, so take one zone and have the gps active to keep the bonus on as usual after that (Thanks Eddyueue for the suggestion).
- New ranks, rank up to 60, takeover-time *
- Resolves issues with locks in app
- Resolves issues with meter being the wrong color at different states
- Unique medals, all in numbers now

* Since the rank goes up to 60 now we needed to change the takeover times a bit, in short, the minimum takeover-time will be 15 seconds. Up to level 30 the bonus will still be 1 second less time per 3rd level. If you're over level 30 you'll get one second less time per level up to level 40.

So best takeover-time (15 seconds) will be if you are level 40 with gps and region lord bonus active.


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Re: Version 0.9.5

Postby affanicaffan » 17 Nov 2012, 15:24

Brilliant idea about the GPS-bonus! Sounds like a nice update :)
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Re: Version 0.9.5

Postby Kingslayer » 20 Nov 2012, 14:36

So medal and ranks are now quite well explained on the site/in app (although rank is not in the app), but this piece of info about take-over time you need to make a dungeon excavation to find out about. Shouldn't this be public the same way ranks and medals are?

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Re: Version 0.9.5

Postby Westeras » 11 Dec 2012, 19:56

I've noticed this feature when Turfers takes zones. Fiskelasses bar is going other down as he takes the zone


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