Moving up Leagues

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Moving up Leagues

Postby Littletinker2 » 05 Sep 2021, 13:27

Am I right in saying when you top a league you move up?
Hubby isn’t impressed as he tipped his league this round and hasn’t moved up. Weirdly he seems to be in the same league with the same users as well.

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Re: Moving up Leagues

Postby flyingchicken » 05 Sep 2021, 20:25

I bottomed out of my league, it did take a while (a good few hours) for it to “happen”. Maybe just after the reset things go a bit slow.

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Re: Moving up Leagues

Postby HappyF » 06 Sep 2021, 15:32

Normally it happens right away, but this time there were some delays, so the new leagues were not set until Sunday evening.

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