Gameplay suggestion! Beware of the zombie! ;D

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Gameplay suggestion! Beware of the zombie! ;D

Postby Badankan » 26 Jul 2012, 01:23

Remember two years back there was a zombie gps game where zombie dots walked or ran after you on the GPS map. Not sure if they developed it into let players as well play the zombies and chase after the ones that wasn't. But they had plans for it :D

Sooo, Another idea I have for turf is to let people choose to be zombies and chase other turfers and try make them zombies.
But if they choose to become zombies, they are so for 12-24 hours and cannot take zones during that time! One could present option for these to de-zombie, but for a cost of their earned turfpoints! But that should be set high! (10 000 points sound ok? :twisted: )

The zombie turfers make points by making normal turfers zombies as well. How do they do that?
It is simple, implement a zone around each turfer of 20-30 meters (just a suggestion) in radius. As long as the zombie is within that radius a timer will count down, just as when a turfer take a zone. If that timer goes down to 0, the turfer will become a zombie for say.. 1-2 hours. The first zombie get points from doing this. Could be an idea that the points they get is based on the level of the turfer ;P (oh I can see high level turfers being looked upon as a juicy meat right now, mohahaha).

So, what should the poor turfer do within the 1-2 hours? Simple! Make other turfers zombies as well!
A restriction is that a turfer that been a zombie once, cannot become one again for 24 hours. His dolly on map should be marked as such also for 24 hours.

The zombie itself should show as a zombie on the map also.

This gameplay suggestion might be a little too extreme for normal turfing, so maybe it could be implemented in another turf world separated from normal Turf into another more hardcore zombie version.
People could of course play both at same time if they like.

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Re: Gameplay suggestion! Beware of the zombie! ;D

Postby thomthom » 28 Jul 2012, 10:30

I talked about turfgame with a friend of mine - and we also game into the idea of a zombie game. We thought of it as completely different from turf though.

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