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How come Helsinki have so many zones?

Posted: 10 May 2019, 22:44
by Mikey
They have gotten like 85 new zones in Etelä-Suomi just in 2019. For the Moment there are like 20 turfers and one can Keep like 180 zones without threat.

Do they have a different amount of new zones? Some other regions with double or triple amount of turfers have gotten like 2-5 new zones in 2019!

Same with Oslo and Scotland, why more zones on few players. Give the active places more zones instead. This just seems very unfair and irritating.

Re: How come Helsinki have so many zones?

Posted: 17 May 2019, 20:51
by Mikey
Noone to explain? As secret as area 51?

Re: How come Helsinki have so many zones?

Posted: 07 Jun 2019, 11:56
by Munin
No secret, today we have no "quotes" when it comes to making new zones in Finland, and other Turf countries besides Sweden. We had a drive a few years ago to put at least one zone in each county of every official Turf country.

Today Etelä-Suomi has 1401 zones, Åland has 442, Lounais-Suomi has 809. Might seem very unfair, but we don't just look at active turfers when we decide how many zones an area gets. We also look at how many people live there, since we look at them as 'potential turfers'. Since a lot of people live in Helsinki, there should be a lot of zones there. Åland has about 30.000 people, Helsinki has 640.000 people. Compare zones/inhabitant, and you'll find Helsinki has very few zones...

Also recently when the Helsinki turfers had a booth at a local tech-fair, many people were disappointed that so few zones were located in the eastern parts of Helsinki. They stated this as a reason for not down-loading Turf. I have been trying to fix this since I was told of that.

We also think of zones/area and my focus has been in trying to get more zones into the outer areas of Helsinki/Espoo/Vantaa since it is very obvious the zones are very far from each other there. I still remember when WildLynx became delirious when he could go on a bike ride in Espoo and get more than one zone/km...

My feeling when biking in Turku and Helsinki, is that the zones are much closer in Turku, since it's a smaller city. So you can take more zones/hour. There is also a larger area to cover with zones in the Helsinki region compared to Turku.

And finally, you don't win by pph, you win by someone taking your zones so you can take them again! It might feel very unfair that someone is 'collecting' 150-200 pph, but that is 'only' 2-3 zones in tp-points. If you lose your zones, you can go out and take them back! And get a lot more total points. Just look at cities like Umeå, Västerås and Uppsala in Sweden.