Recruitment Packs

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Recruitment Packs

Postby MickyFinn » 11 Jan 2021, 09:04

I am having trouble recruiting so have been brainstorming some ideas to start interest here in my town. I have a an idea to make some recruitment packs to maybe kickstart some cyclists to get involved locally.
Ideas for pack contents are as follows:

#A basic phone mount (it is hard to play without one on a bike and this may put people off)

#A cheap set of tiny led lights (safety is paramount)

#Fact sheet on future equipment upgrades players could make to up their game.

#Puncture repair kit.

#Tips and tricks leaflet

It would be nice to get some feedback on this idea from you guys. Obviously this is going to take some investment from me. Do you think it will be worth it?

The game has really helped me in so many ways and I want to start competing with the big boys soon. If I cannot I know I will loose interest. So I am trying to come up with ideas to recruit as just telling people isnt working. Any suggestions would be greatly welcomed.

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Re: Recruitment Packs

Postby Drassen » 12 Jan 2021, 21:25

Hi there! one of the founders here.
So i´ve been trying to spread our game for the last 10 years. Mostly failing naturally. And sometimes having minor success stories. Trying to repeat what fearglass and ESOC have done in the UK might be hard for a normal person like me.

What i have learned is basically.
-culture differs. What works in place might not work in another.

-zones is not the thing. We have spread thousands of zones in some cities with no one even caring. on the contrary we have almost no zones in some cities and 10 persons battle for what they have. (naturally more zones is necessary in the long run when the users are there)

-local forums/sites online might work. depends on culture which places people use online.

-local newspapers/radio seem to work quite well. the local ones might even be happy to get some corona-friendly news these days. The bigger papers are more picky naturally.

-Chasing the individual turfer like you describe above might work depending on culture. in sweden it would be hard work to try to convince someone to install an app on their phone though, and then actually do an activity. In sweden this has been done by putting stickers etc. from time to time. Hard to measure the outcome though.

-In the uk it started to explode after a local orienteering club ESOC started pushing it amongst their members as a fun corona friendly thing. This might be a winning concept, but i guess it requires some kind of contact, since again, you need to convince them to try this specific app out of 100k apps on the market.

All in all i think you need to get a social group of people to understand and accept the idea, and then start trying it. OR get someone who can affect a social group to do the same.(like a reporter)

We do wish you good luck!
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Re: Recruitment Packs

Postby MickyFinn » 16 Jan 2021, 18:28

Thank you for the reply. I am trying to grow some interest and I hope I do soon.

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