Navigate with turf "automatic map rotation"

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Navigate with turf "automatic map rotation"

Postby Bullmannen » 25 May 2017, 12:59

Know that it's desirable to express yourself here in English here but still feel that it's better with Swedish in these globalization times.
Think it has been asked earlier here, but there are more with me who really wish you could get the map in turf to turn around as you move.
Think this would make more use of turf in everyday life as the pression of the turf would increase, it becomes easier, safer and more fun to ride.

Tror det har efterfrågats tidigare här med men det är nog fler med mig som verkligen önskar att man kunde få kartan i turf att vrida sig åt det håll man rör sig.
tror detta skulle få fler att använda turf i vardagen då pressitionen i turfandet skulle öka, det blir lättare, säkrare och roligare att turfa.
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Re: Navigate with turf "automatic map rotation"

Postby Dacop » 25 May 2017, 15:00

You're very welcome to use the Swedish section of the forum (if you just scroll down a bit) if you feel the need to express your views in Swedish.

Even though I support the addition of a working automatic rotating map, I would rather not have our own TurfDev spend time on such a feature because it seldom works as intended. There are other location based games out there (weird, I know) that have this feature but it always annoys the crap out of me because it is dependent on a working compass in the telephone, a device that often needs calibration and often falls out of calibration, pointing you in some random direction.
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