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Blocking suggestion

Postby svenlutte » 30 Jan 2016, 12:18

Today, a zone get blocked up to 30 minutes, regardless of type of turfer. This is OK for competitors in a "race" :D but not fun, if you are visiting as a tourist and a zone is have many block minutes left and you not will be back for long time (or never).

My suggestion is, if u comes to a blocked zone.
1. You still can take it, but only receive 1/2 zone takes points and no hours points.
(Will needs a decision in own area, if hunting points and gives same as a revisit).
2. You can NOT take the zone again in 24 hours (blocked for you, regardless of changing zone owner).
3. The zone is counted in your statistics as a unique zone, most important as a tourist visitor.

When alone, I have been sitting and waiting 20 minutes for a unique zone, but if I have the family with me, they will never accept that.

By this, it will be easier also for occasional turfers to take zones :)
And hopefully more turfers will continue, even if not for the competition part in the game.


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Re: Blocking suggestion

Postby hazzard » 30 Jan 2016, 12:26

Been suggested many times similar but yes, this game needs a casual mode where there are no blocking timers that only are annoying nobody want stand and wait up to 30 min i agree or if u play this with your girlfriend or entire family or whatever its no fun when u block each others..

Blocking should only exist in the normal game where you compete for points and medals but for example as a tourist u want to walk alone in city and dont worry about someone blocking u shouldnt have to deal with blocks random all over city.

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Re: Blocking suggestion

Postby Vintentina » 04 Feb 2016, 16:14

I've made a similar suggestion, called "tourist mode".

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Re: Blocking suggestion

Postby psiphon3app » 03 Sep 2017, 06:58

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