Keep the group composition between rounds

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Keep the group composition between rounds

Postby Tyger » 03 Nov 2019, 06:10

The league system is quite boring and insignificant in its current form. Every new round, disregarding if I have moved up, down or stayed in the division, there are 9 new turfers which I really don't care whether I beat or not.

The greatest problem with the current system is its inconsistency. My group isn't my group, but a randomized sample of turfers in the same division as me. This could be fixed by keeping the groups from round to round. If I stay in my group, there will be six other turfers I will meet again next round. That would lead to a competition against turfers I am starting to recognize, instead of a bunch of strangers. Lets face it, its more fulfilling to compete against others you know, instead of incognitoes.

Yes, we can already hear the objections, and the loudest will be: But what if you get into a hard group, then you will be stuck with those turfers for a long time. Well, first of all, that is not true. Every round three turfers will be exchanged in every group. Thats almost a third of the group's turfers.

Secondly, this could be turned into a feature. If you are among the top tier of turfers that advance from a certain division, you will be put into an easier group, and vice versa. Let me give an example of this. When a round is finished, every turfer that advances from a division is ranked in order of their finishing score in the round. At the same time, every group is ranked in order of the score of their last remaining turfer (i.e. with the lowest score). Then you reverse any or the other, so the turfer with the highest points from the round will get into an easy group, i.e. the group where the last remaining turfer had the lowest score among all the groups in that division.

Implementing this system would lead to a new level of reward. If you strive and struggle during a round, your new group will be easier. And, on the other side, if your group was comparatively easy during the round (to other groups in the same division), it will most likely become harder the next round.

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Re: Keep the group composition between rounds

Postby DIProgan » 09 Nov 2019, 20:22

I don't think league systems make much sense without having a geographical link. I'm sure there's some smart way to convert it all into something automatic where new local groups pop up and disappear as the playerbase changes around.

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