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Zone Description

Postby flyingchicken » 18 Jan 2021, 19:45

Just a thought to have a link or a way of connecting a zone to give a brief description and user uploaded pictures (if desired) of a zone.
Went to a new zone today, took me an hour to get there only to find out the river had broken the banks and it was a waist deep paddle to claim it (I probably should get the Aquaman medal :D ). I wasn’t going to quit being so close! But for other Turfs, if there was the opportunity, I’d have popped a little description/picture of the area to help people decide if they fancy making the journey!

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Re: Zone Description

Postby ojarnstr » 18 Jan 2021, 20:01

In a way there is check out the Turfwiki.

We would love to get some editors from the United Kingdom writing zone articles. :D

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Re: Zone Description

Postby embeoo » 18 Jan 2021, 21:17

There is a dedicated site, and you knew it, it's in swedish.

It's not that many that publish there, but those who do go for numbers. 3k, yikes.

For the casual snap I'd say most publish in the facebook group, mostly swedish but you may write in any language) or where also most of the community banter is done. The forums is the official thing, but for socialising the crowd has mostly moved on.

Action footage of where you shouldn't have gone is always appreciated!

An old classic (Taken!)

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