Weekly league rounds

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Weekly league rounds

Postby Redeby » 19 Feb 2021, 11:55

I like the league system and it can be a real motivator to push more for exercise and fun. When competing to move up a league (or trying to not get moved down) it can be quire exiting.

But an issue for me is that within a few days of a new round it will be very obvious if I stand any chance to push for winning the monthly round. In the majority of rounds there is always someone putting in 2-3 times the effort I can ever be able to do so within a few days in the new round I lose the motivation for the round and I then have three weeks in front of me knowing that even if I push myself there is no chance of winning that round. So I tend to turf a lot less week 2-4 of every turf round.

I think a weekly round would be far more exiting. Partly because it would be easier to push hard for a few days straight and also due to that it will never be long to wait for the next round.

So a suggestion would be to introduce a weekly league system as well

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Re: Weekly league rounds

Postby Joolz500 » 19 Feb 2021, 13:22

I agree with this though I'm not sure what the answer is. I've already realised that I've just got no chance of winning this round and moving up. I've only got a limited number of zones in my area and some of them are quite spaced apart, I could never do 100+ zones in a day like my competitor. I'd already resigned myself to trying to move up again in the March round. Though I find my position in my area league still gives me some motivation.

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Re: Weekly league rounds

Postby captHaddock » 20 Feb 2021, 20:50

To have the leuges in a week or 14 day period is a great idea for all the reasons mentioned. It would also different it more from the regular rounds. Really hope this gets implemented!

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Re: Weekly league rounds

Postby DIProgan » 20 Feb 2021, 21:01

The backside is that you can't relax any week at all if you want to keep your position

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