No blocking when taking a zone for the first time?

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No blocking when taking a zone for the first time?

Postby abruptor » 30 Dec 2015, 17:30

If we divide turfing sloppily into two parts, one is competitive and one is the explorative. My guess is that most of the competitive turfing is focused around taking a route over and over again to maximize the pph, you would not go and take unique zones that much as it's highly ineffecient. When you play like this you want to keep zones for as long time as possible and the block time is an essential part of this.

However, block time is not critical when you're exploring. It's almost preventive as you probably want to take a friend or two with you, and it's impossible when you have the block time working against you. Let's say a group of six turfers goes out to Märket and wants to take the 3 zones there, they would have to be on the island for 3 hours just waiting the block times out. That might be ok in that case, but what if you want to take a walk into the woods with your wife and you both are turfing?

My suggestion is that there is no block time when you take a zone for the first time. The damage to the competitive part is minimal and it adds a lot of value to the explorative part?

So what are the drawbacks?
1. For a new turfer it might be a bit bad, but given their 5 minute block time it's not a big loss.
2. You can gain a double take fast if you go in a pair to new zones, but I don't think it will be a very effecient way to gain an advantage in competitive turfing as you will quite rapidly run out of unique zones in your proximity.

What's your thoughts?

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Re: No blocking when taking a zone for the first time?

Postby hazzard » 30 Dec 2015, 20:59

Good suggestions, i would also want 2 kinds of leagues, one is for those that want to play for medals and honor and take same routes in city like zombies over and over again, fine if thats what some want, and for others that like more casual play a more explore league or call it what u want where there would be a toplist maybe but u cant win any medals like the competive league and there would be no block timers on zones and people could play more casual and even could play with friends or their wifes etc and dont worry that someone will sweep across the city with bike and block it 30min at most.

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Re: No blocking when taking a zone for the first time?

Postby mickemixter » 31 Dec 2015, 15:17

I had a similar sugestion: viewtopic.php?f=44&t=4189#p44809 "Taking unique zones when blocked"

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