New feature: Friends zones

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New feature: Friends zones

Postby SneakyFudger » 21 Jun 2016, 15:13

It would be nice to be able to easily see "friends" zone, so you could either target or avoid these when planning the next turf trip. I.e. be able to see "friends" zones and your own, at the same time.

E.g. if you select one or more users to be your "friend" (or another, better word), those users' current zones light up in a different color (orange? pink?), just like my own are green.


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Re: New feature: Friends zones

Postby DIProgan » 21 Jun 2016, 17:24

Turf has in most aspects been created to avoid confrontation and bad blood between players. This would kind of be a step in the wrong direction in relation to that either by singeling out players or by creating rivaling gangs of friends.

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Re: New feature: Friends zones

Postby hazzard » 21 Jun 2016, 17:52

This would be win-trading imo, bad idea really friend or not you shouldnt see if that way when you play, "oh my friend has 10 zones" i better not take them..

What this game needs is a way to play together 2-4 people or something or let each zone has more then 1 user only as owner.

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Re: New feature: Friends zones

Postby Velocipedryttaren » 23 Jun 2016, 07:26

function already exists. Click on your friends or zone he owns, you can select all the zones he owns, and they become white.

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