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Spread the word of Turf

Postby GuteLappen » 24 Dec 2012, 17:25

Merry Christmas to all of you Turfers!

I have created a picture for you to use, to help spread the word of Turf on your website, blog or where ever you see fit.
The only thing I would like in return is a web address to where you are using it (click PM down here).
Soon there will also be more info, tutorials and more, on my new website Turf Portal with the sole purpose to spread Turf and get more players to this wonderful game.


My suggestion is that you link the picture to http://turfgame.com/info/gettingstarted where there are some steps to get started, in PHPBB the code would be:

Code: Select all

If you would like it in another language, please contact me (click PM down here) with the text and I will fix it.

Edit: Changed from Turf Gotland to Turf Portal and added code snippet for PHPBB.

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