Skåne - Nils Holgersson Challenge

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Skåne - Nils Holgersson Challenge

Postby Jini » 03 Nov 2013, 23:10

I already asked on the Skåne Facebook but I am posting it here too to get a wider audience for the turfers in Skåne.
The goal is to have a game between the cities for the winner to decide where the next Skåne Turf Meeting will take place.

This is the link to the site: to track the results.
The data is updated every 15 minutes and it calculate the teams score (based on top-2 for the moment for the test)
Let me know if you want to be added in a team (I need more guinea pigs to test the site :) )

The Rules: (for the moment)
- Anyone can propose his/her city as a team.
- All teams can decide together on how many turfers will be selected for the team count of points (e.g. top 4, top 5 …top X). The idea is to have the same amount of top turfers per team to count the total team points.
- If more turfers in a team, only the top x turfer will be selected based on each turfer total points (so, additional turfers can take a place in the top x by turfing more)
- More turfers can join the team until the middle of the month. At this time, the team is closed until next month/round to avoid last minutes joiners that change all the ranking.
- The winner team is the team with most points at the end of the turf month/round.
- To avoid the same team to win every month, the previous winner team will have an handicap of 20.000 points and the first top turfer will be excluded from the top x (next turfer in order will be selected)
- If the same team wins several times in row, the same rule is multiplied (e.g. n win: n time 20.000 handicap and n first turfers removed from the top x, n next turfers selected in the top x)
- Addition Nov-03 23:00: Handicap is increased by 1 for every block of 50.000 points difference with the second team.
- The winner team decides the location and the date of the next Turf Skåne event meeting (maybe Bar or Restaurant for the coming winter time)

All comments and idea are welcome to improve the rules ;)

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