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Issues - wishlist

Postby stoffisimo » 24 Jul 2020, 13:15

I guess this topic is in the correct board, the Issues aren't a third party thing and it resides mostly on the web server. :)

* Email notifications subject line about zone issues should contain zone names.
The purpose is to make it easier to see if this is something interesting to me or not.

Today, the subject of the email is like this: "New Zone issue in region Skåne"
Proposal: "New Zone issue for zone XXXX in region Skåne"

In the body of the message, the first report on the issue could also be included.

* Getting notifications about issues when you have posted in them.
If I want to follow an issue that I'm not the reporter of, the only way to do this is to manually search for it. This even if I have posted in the issue, as a reply to the reporter.

If I could get an email when the issue is updated, since I'm an active participant, that would greatly reduce the effort needed to have a sane conversation in the issue.

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