Heading up as map alternative

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Heading up as map alternative

Postby itholin » 29 Sep 2013, 20:39

I propose, as a setting alternative, that the map can be shown "heading up" using the actual GPS calculated heading or the heading as calculated from the two last position readings.

I base this proposal on the most frequently used navigation-by-map method: turn the map so that travel direction is on the (fictitious) line from where you are to where you are looking. Views to the left in real life correspond to map items to the left of the line. In a foreign surrounding you are actually doing "navigation-by-map" to find the new zones.

As the map currently can be 2-finger rotated and then shows the true north on the compass this proposal should not be to work demanding to implement.

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Re: Heading up as map alternative

Postby TBIT » 30 Sep 2013, 08:06

Welcome to Turf! Excellent suggestion!
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Re: Heading up as map alternative

Postby LeiLar » 30 Sep 2013, 17:11

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