Interest poll for Bonanza Winter 2012 (Non Swedes)

Will you attend at the Turf Bonanza Winter 2012

I want to, but it's too early to decide.
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Interest poll for Bonanza Winter 2012 (Non Swedes)

Postby Stonecape » 13 Oct 2011, 15:30

On march 10, 2012 it is time for the first winter bonanza ever! This event will be held in the town Sundsvall in Sweden, which is a nice winter town.

On friday evening on march 9 an inofficial contest will be held to welcome guests who arrive early due to long travel times.

The Turf Bonanza will be held on the saturday march 10 some time in the middle of the day. We will offer the possibility to shower after the contest. We will be selling some kind of food and drinks during and after the competition. On the evening we will meet up at some nice place for food, drinks and awards.

The turf competition will be free of charge, but there will be costs for food and drinks during the evening. Depending on how many participators we get, we might gather fees for this beforehand. We will also be able to help with organizing accomodations.

Cycling on snow covered roads does not normally require any extensive preparations. The relativly late date for the bonanza will enable a good road surface for cycling as the snow is packed and not icy. An mtb will give about the same tracktion as on a muddy road in the summer. The date for the event is set to make it as good as possible but still with snow on the roads.

Remember to answer in the poll if you will attend or not! You can change your answer whenever you like. We would also gladly hear your comments and questions about the event! Maybe you have some fun idea you want to share, or something to remark on regarding the structure of the event?

We hope to see you in Sundsvall in march!

//Sundsvall Bonanza Team

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