2 badly placed zones in Aabenraa

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2 badly placed zones in Aabenraa

Postby hjart » 23 Aug 2013, 07:40

WalkInThePark is spot on a playground for small kids. I would love to have it moved to just north of the small house to the northwest. The castle like building "Brundlund Slot" further north is a museum and here it would be almost completely surrounded by a moat :)

StateSchool is as the name might is as the name might suggest right on a schoolyard. I'm not quite sure where a good spot to move this one to might be. Maybe just to the trees north of the school.

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Re: 2 badly placed zones in Aabenraa

Postby kaninmage » 26 Aug 2013, 22:30

Hi hjart,

I moved WalkInThePark to the location you suggested, not surrounded by moat though. =)

As for StateSchool, is was hard finding a new spot within reasonable distance of the first location. With Google Streetview it's hard to look over high hedges, but the new location to the east seems to be a small park.
Unfortunately there is a playground in this park as well (there often is), but hopefully the zone is on an acceptable distance from it.

Either way, please comment the new location(s) of the zones if you happen to try them out. =)


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