MOre Zones request in Helsinge

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MOre Zones request in Helsinge

Postby dahlia » 18 Jan 2016, 14:46

I would like to request more zones in Helsinge area. I have suggested a few.

I have suggested a "Golf Bridge" Zone and a "Golf Zone" here: ... 3?hl=en-US

I have suggested a third one on this bike route but I don't remember the name: ... 3?hl=en-US

If you can provide a few others in Helsinge Annisse Nord area as well that would be great. ... 3?hl=en-US

Or if there could be placed some zones in Annisse area we could have a different route in that direction as well., ... 3?hl=en-US

Thanks in advance!!

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Re: MOre Zones request in Helsinge

Postby kaninmage » 23 Jan 2016, 01:13

Hello dahlia!

Thank you for your detailed suggestions, I´ll see what can be done. =)


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