Automatic deactivate GPS if one forgets.

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Automatic deactivate GPS if one forgets.

Postby Naturturf » 27 Aug 2019, 13:54

It is awkvard to forget to turn off when you finish or pause turfing. Sometimes you see someone parked for a long time but most of rhe time I am the only one forgetting. Many turn off between each zone perhaps to avoid forgetting. It would mean more turfers would be visible if turnoff was automatic.
So deactivate after 10 minutes if no zone taken or even better 5 minutes of not moving and after 20 min if moving more than 100 meter in 5 min.

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Re: Automatic deactivate GPS if one forgets.

Postby stoffisimo » 28 Aug 2019, 10:54

No thanks, sometimes I have more than 10 minutes (or it feels like it :) ) between zones.

I have of course no problem with this if it's a setting that players can activate themselves, but I rather have manual control over my apps than they doing things behind the scenes.

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