Ways and Pilgrimage Routes zone suggestions

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Ways and Pilgrimage Routes zone suggestions

Postby Northstar » 25 Nov 2020, 13:53

We've been getting more zones in the UK, but it would be really cool (and a reminder to get out of the cities) if there were obvious 'routes' such as zones on the pilgrimmage routes and recognised Ways plotting a line across otherwise clear bits of turfless land. They'd not likely be in competition for takeover (especially while days are shorter) but offer an interesting mapview and way to play.

I'm thinking particularly the Pilgrims' Way (which incorporates St Swithun's Way and the North Downs Way) between Winchester and Canterbury, which would work well as South East England generally has decent phone signal, but I'd also like to see other routes in the UK (eg the ful Thames Pathway, Cumberland Way) and in other countries (eg the routes of the Santiago de Compostella). They'd make the map look interesting, and pilgrims have loads of time to talk to each other- including about Turf! Longer term, it would be great to get some pilgrim/way medals, for people who want to Turf in a different way to just competing. Oh, also note- pilgrimage has a religious aspect for those who want it, but the majority of pilgrims I've met don't follow an actual faith- it's just a good path!

The Pilgrims' Way is 200(ish) km, (and can have detours as well as extensions to Southampton, London, and Dover), so would ideally have at least zones on the key daily start/stop points, someone people might stop for lunch/refreshment, and enough others so it looks good when viewed from a zoomed out map. I've not specified actual zones at this point (I don't know how many would be required for the map) but am happy to. But I've included an approximate route on an annotated Turf map, and also the 'official' Pilgrims' Way map has a good zoom feature (including places to stop/stay) at https://www.pilgrimswaycanterbury.org/the-way/ to get more of a sense of what might be involved.
Fingers crossed!
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