Zone location change

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Zone location change

Post by Cardiff »

Is it possible to have the Haddington zone..ByA1 moved across the main road to the entrance of Phillips Avenue.
I find it quite dangerous having to cross over to zone while cycling slowly up steep hill and approaching traffic lights.After taking zone the traffic lights don't seem to be able to sense presence of cyclists so I always have to go through a red light to get back on main road.
The Fort Knox zone in Haddington could possibly be moved also as it is directly at the entrance to the secondary school ..can feel a bit awkward stopping there at certain times of the day.
Thanks so much.

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Re: Zone location change

Post by Fozzie »

Hi CardiffSoulCru,

Can you open an issue for each of the zones you want modifying. By raising an issue, it will get routed to the zonemaker currently responsible for the area in which the zone is. It also allows us to track any changes to a zone and the reason for those changes. You can open issues here:

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