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I have earlier years suggested zones in Pasto, Colombia.
I know it is not an area where Turfers normally goe. But I happen to have family there...
So even I am not there every year, it would be nice to have at least one or two zones to take when going.

Now I am going to Colombia in December. Leaving on the 9th and back in Finland on January 13th.
During my 4,5 week stay I will also visit Manizales, where I have also suggested 2 zones.

I have found that there is one zone at Bogotá airport. And some in small places around Colombia.
As for now I have only the one at the Airport that I can take ;-)

So now I ask if there is any chance to get at least a couple of zones in Pasto and Manizales?
For me to have something to take during my stay?

I also just learned that we are going to take a trip to the west cost for a weekend at the beach of Tumaco.

Thank you for a great game!
Keep Turfing.

Best regards
TortugaVeloz / Stina
Åbo Finland.
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