How to play Turf (FAQ)

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Re: How to play Turf (FAQ)

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I think only devs knows the exactly formula and would not be suprised if it has changed over time.

My best knowledge is that it is based on previous round activity in takes and number of people taking it. I also think there is limit for have fast a zone can change... I don't believe a +1 zone can change to +9 in just one round.
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Re: How to play Turf (FAQ)

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Last known information is it's based on latest two rounds. Maximum shift of a zone is -1 to +2. Unique visitors is the most important factor. At some point I might dive into the data to extract the formulas more exactly.
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Re: Takover point calculation

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PPPeter wrote: 03 Mar 2023 12:42 Wiki says "Which TP a zone is worth is linked to its takeover frequency". Can you explain more? They are adjusted every round. Is the calculation just based on activity in the round that has just ended or does the formula also include previous rounds? Is it easy to detail the formula used?
The exact formula is only known to the developers. What we know that it's linked to number of of takeovers and number of different turfers.
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