Thornhill D&G

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Thornhill D&G

Post by Placid_Casual »

I know Thornhill in Dumfries and Galloway well and would be nice to see a few zones in the area as it is a beautiful place
Have suggested Joseph Thomson monument (african explorer). The circular wood path which I have named boatbrae but it’s further round so woodwalk would be more accurate. Third is community centre. Also Morton Castle nearby suggested - hidden gem.
Thanks for considering

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Re: Thornhill D&G

Post by féarglas »

Thank you for the suggestions. With this periods allocation for Scotland, I have created zones at the JT monument, (a new piece of history for me 😁), at the community centre, and also at nearby Drumlanrig Castle. I'm surprised there wasn't one there already.

The other suggestions of boatbrae and Morton Castle, and I also saw Nigh Bridge, will remain visible for future allocations for Scotland. The original post on the forum also remains to backup the suggestions.
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