Germany / Hessen / Fritzlar - neue Zonenvorschläge in Kaiserstadt

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Germany / Hessen / Fritzlar - neue Zonenvorschläge in Kaiserstadt

Post by Alsterkind »

Hello to the Zonemakers! Based in Hamburg, our old hometown is Fritzlar (near Kassel) in Nordhessen. Did some new Turf Zone proposals today as I have read that there is a group of active Turfers nearby (Erpequeen, Fanboy, Doktore IT et al), that was infected with the Turfing Virus by us . . .

Ederbrücke is an historic bridge over the river Eder that used to be the main traffic route through this historic city (more than 1.250 years old). During the successful bombing of the Eder Dam in WW2 the middle part of this bridge was lost to the floods caused by the broken dam. Only the historic north and south end of this bridge exist today. The suggested Zone is at the northern end, behind car berriers (not accessible by car) and close to the entrance to a historic chapel in the bely of the bridge.

Grauer Turm one of the tallest Defense Towers in Germany. More than 34 meters high, has 4 floors and is accesible today (Museum inside). Part oft the cities medieval defense system.

Hellenwarte is one of the Watchtowers of Fritzlar city. Although apparently on a military exercise area, this historic site is freely accessible by bike and as a pedestrain - it is NOT part of the military area. Nice views from here over Fritzlar.

Malerwinkel (Painters Angle) offers a well known perspective towards the Kaiser Dom (Emperor Dome) and parts of the historic inner city, located at the historic Hospitals Brücke (there used to be a hospital here some hundred years ago). Example Picture ... sulzer.htm

Alter Friedhof is at the old graveyard that is more a nice Park nowadays, due to growth of the city in a central location. I used to live very nearby to this Zone Proposal. It is going to be a Burial Ground Park in the future, freely accessible. ... 72843.html

Möllrichwarte (Obermöllricher Warte) is also a Watchtower with a great view over the Waberner Ebene (Wabern Valley).
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Re: Germany / Hessen / Fritzlar - neue Zonenvorschläge in Kaiserstadt

Post by Alsterspross »

Hello to the Zonemakers! Following the idea of suggesting some Zones in Nordhessen, these are my Proposals of today to enrich the Turf-Experience in this Area:

Steinkreuz - this is a Monument, close to the Fraumünsterkirche. ... e_Fritzlar. As the church is surrounded by a stone wall and a (most of the time) closed gate, the Zone was placed at the nearby Steinkreuz (Stone Cross).

Mühlengraben (Mill Ditch) is placed at a pedestrian bridge, close to the Power station that is fed by this Ditch. A walk through the connecting Apfelwiese is a joy in spring and summertime.

Kanuten (canoeists) is a place to put your Canoe in the river Eder. You can see the Mühlengraben and the main river Eder coming together here.

Spickebrücke is a pedestrian bridge over the river Eder that leads to our Pferdemarktplatz (Horse Market Square). ... 44904.html

Wehr Fritzlar (Barrage that separates the Eder river and the Mühlengraben - at the Ars Natura path where you stand beside some Art Pieces. ... rs-natura/

Kiesverladung (an Kiessilos an Ederradweg) is where Gravel used to be loaded into carriages. This installation is not active any more, the Zone is placed on the Cycle path that leads to the Edersee.

Busbahnhof is at the Bus Mainstation, plcaed at the public waiting area facing the Town Wall. ... 78921.html

Marktplatz - The nice Main Square has many historic Fachwerk-Buildings and a central Well (Rolandsbrunnen) that made the city independant during sieges. ... marktplatz. Some buildings more than 500 years old.
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